The Samsung I7500: To the Galaxy and Beyond

Also known as t he Galaxy, the new Samsung I7500 is the first Android-powered device manufactured and released by the Korea-based telecom giants. Following in the success of prior Android devices (i.e. HTC Magic and HTC G1), Samsung looks to cash in by teaming up with Google to come up with a powerful device with an impressive user interface. So, is this another iPhone killer in the making?

Design is Everything

Samsung Galaxy Android France

It wouldn’t be surprising if people were to label the I7500 as an HTC Magic clone. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the Magic actually has quite a stylish design. Both the sizable touch screen display (3.2 inches) and the handy QWERTY keypad are present in the I7500. Although the I7500’s design is quite similar to that of the HTC Magic, one can argue that this is actually the form factor of most Smartphones in the market today. After all, it has proven to be a successful design; so why change a good thing, right?

The dimensions of the Samsung I7500 are 115 x 56 x 11.9 mm and it weighs 119 grams.

Interface and Multimedia

The I7500 is equipped with version 1.5 of Google’s Android operating system which is also known as the Cupcake OS. It is pretty much the same with the OS used by the HTC Magic except for a few minor differences. One of these is the improvements made on the virtual QWERTY keypad which has become much easier to use.  Because it is has a Google-powered OS, the I7500 is also capable of supporting a myriad of Google mobile applications such as Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Calendar, to name a few.

In terms of features, what sets the I7500 apart from the Magic is its 5-Megapixel camera with autofocus and geo-tagging features. Although this is in no way top of the line, it is much better than the Magic’s unimpressive 3.15-Megapixel camera. The I7500 also comes with a pre-installed multimedia player widget that will allow users to play music without opening the actual player. One problem with this device is that it is not able to play DivX movie files.

The Last Say

Samsung I7500

To be honest, the Samsung I7500 Galaxy is not really that impressive. It pretty much has the same features as the HTC Magic and does not have the cutting edge functionalities to wow the market. One would think that Samsung would be able to produce a more technologically advanced device than HTC which may have been one of the reasons why a lot of people have set very high expectations. Nonetheless, this is one of a few mobiles that have the Android OS, so that in itself should be enough reason for users to give this Smartphone a second look.