A market survey conducted r ecently by comScore shows that the Android OS is taking a bite out of the Apple OS market share. The Blackberry OS, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS and Palm’s old Palm OS are showing significant declines by the amount of users either switching away or the new users who are choosing either Android or Apple. According to the survey, Android is still behind, but the rapid decline of the others over the past year shows that Android is on its way up and quickly.

The numbers for the survey layout like this. RIM’s Blackberry OS still holds the leading market share with 41.6%, followed by Apple’s iPhone OS at 25.3%. Microsoft comes in at third with 18% and then Palm with 6.1%. Android may currently be at the back of the pack with 5.2% but if the length of time Palm has been in existence is taken over the amount of time Android has been, one can see how quickly Android is moving up the ladder.


The Open Handset Alliance’s backing of the Android platform has been nothing short of phenomenal. Along with them Google, Motorola, HTC and Verizon have aided in the push to bring Android even further up the list. With this list of heavy hitters backing Androids play, there is no doubt that a larger increase will be seen in 2010.

With the addition of companies such as Dell and AT&T Wireless to the Android bullpen, their offering of Android based products will increase this market share even further. With the compilation of all these factors, only good things are being predicted for Android and Android users in the coming year. This is the platform to watch.

Since everyone will be releasing new products over the coming year, one would think that Android would idle in the market but the odds on this are slim. Along with the lessening popularity of Palm and Windows Mobile over the other, Android will likely slide quite neatly in to the slots they already occupy. Should Verizon and AT&T both decide to back Android’s play this coming year, then undoubtedly it will become a force to be reckoned with in the smartphone world.

Why dont they get it you cannot kill the iPhone. Not now maybe in 2 or 3 years later. iPhone is way better than all. I’ve used all phones winmob,symbian (touch) and non touch, android,etc except WebOS and I still don’t get it these companies doesnt understand that their phones should be smooth like iPhones , great presentation of apps not like LG trying to copy iPhone OS make something your own. If there is any OS thats near to iPhone is Android. HTC & Palm are the companies that r competitive.


complicated devices like WinMob lags too much not only that it crashes like windows computers. iPhone hardly crash it never crashed for me if it does we can restore it. I used HTC Touch Cruise and it was so fucking laggy that my mobile crashed lost all data and never started again. with complexity you do get fucked up devices and I dont think people want that thats why people buy iPhone (mostly). I’ve always heard complains about iPhone from a guy who never used it. Use it first then tell me.

The only thing that that iphone offers is simplicity and looks.. while many people are satisfied with just that any one who wants an actual smartphone will surely go for Android devices or even WinMob. (winmob is powerful OS wich lacks looks and still has to work on finger and user fliendly..). iPhone is for kids to play with of for grown-ups who don’t know how to use complicated stuff.. still iphone has great feautures, like very smooth scrolling, speed.. but lacks many basics.

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