I am a scientist, blogger, writer, and a broadcaster. I do a lot of things, but mostly I like spending my leisure well in oceans and beaches just generally having fun to the fullest. I like telling my stories through my writing in different versions all over the world. Apart from writing books and articles, I also make radio documentaries telling people the kind of life they should live to maintain peace everywhere. I also like sharing the wonders of the world since only a few people know what happens behind the scenes.

My documentaries have been shown on different TV stations all over the world including BBC, CNN and other major TV stations all over the world. My latest book talks about the wonders of the ocean and people are buying it so much in bookstores. I also write about science fiction and campus students like this kind of content so much.

The prices are affordable, and everyone can buy for himself. In writing there is no limitation, everyone can write everything but only one niche that will accept you and earn more money. I always tell my young writers to put more efforts in whatever they do so that success can get them moving forward. It is all about maintaining a clear work with no errors.

Of late I have been blogging about technology mostly concentrating on smartphones. It is good nowadays because over 88% of people are connected to their favorite brand of a mobile phone. Spend some good time in this blog and read more about mobile reviews. You can contact me anytime of the day.


Thomas Nolan Kaszas

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